In the waiting room: Nakajima Ki-43 II Hayabusa, 1:32 Hasegawa

New category at my blog: In the waiting room.

As most of us modelers, I have a lot of purchased models waiting for their time. Now the stack counts to around one hundred of kits (after I sold out all my 1:72nd kits last year, when I decided to stick to 1:48 and 1:32/1:35 scale).
And as most of us, I buy much more than I’m able to make… Usually 3-4 new kits arrive each month, when only 1 or so is being finished. Therefore, the stack is growing.

“In the waiting room” is a category which is supposed to present the kits that I have just bought or were bought some time ago, now approaching my workshop.

So, here we have the first one: Nakajima Ki-43 II Hayabusa, 1:32 scale from Hasegawa.

A fairly old kit, with subtle raised panel lines and rivets – a good candidate to learn something new: tracing new engraved panel lines and adding rivets. To be honest, the rivets proposed by Hasegawa aren’t that bad at all, I think these are even more realistic than the holes usually made by the riveters – but would be extremely difficult to save them when shaving those raised panel lines and filing the halves of the fuselage when they’re glued together. Will see.

Now, a quick inbox and few photos of aftermarket bits I’m going to use here.

Stay tuned 🙂

Best regards


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