2008: Italeri 1218 MH-47 E SOA Chinook

Hi All,

On the occasion of the photo sessions of my currently built models, I decided to take pictures, and occasionally show my older models.

I returned to the hobby in 2005, initially concentrating on airplanes and helicopters in the “only right scale” – 1:72.

This model was completed in 2008. These days I did not use any weathering techniques, decal fluids, pigments, all my models were brush-painted, but sometimes managed to make a decent looking model. Today, it is probably, with all the modern technologies, much more difficult. What do you think about this?


2 thoughts on “2008: Italeri 1218 MH-47 E SOA Chinook

  1. solid build imo! doesn’t matter how and with what it’s painted and weathered, everything looks in place.
    btw i love the subject very much so can’t be impartial 😀

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    1. Yea, sometimes I think that some of my older builds are better than I make nowadays… Chinook is a magnificent machine indeed and I’m thinking about doing it again, this time in 1:48th scale. Thanks for comment, best regards


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