In the workshop: Kawasaki Ki-100-I Koh Type 5 Fighter | Hasegawa 1:48 -surprised?

Hi All,

Having completed two Swallows, started another one in a larger scale, I thought that the family wouldn’t be complete without Ki-100.

So here it is – started some time ago (in June as far as I remember) and stalled due to decision to fit the resin cockpit from Aires in. Unfortunately, it is not available in Poland. Then I have been waiting for the PE set from Eduard, which arrived at last two weeks ago. Partially broken. Well, that happens, I decided to take it as it is.


The cockpit colour is H79 + dark grey wash from AK Interactive. Elements of the cockpit behind the pilot’s seat will be painted IJA Green.

The horizontal stabilizers are from QB – as you can see, the fit is quite poor. Also poor is the fit of the fuselage fairing where it is supposed to meet the wings… they don’t meet. Will see when it cures, what can be done – I hope, that only a little pressure will do.

And some cables added to the engine. I have also drilled the guns’ barrels – look acceptable to me.


Hope you like it, stay tuned.

Best regards

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