In the workshop: 1/35th scale Mk. I Male WWI Heavy Battle Tank from Takom

Hi, All

This time something completely different. This will be my second ever WW1 subject, after the 1/48th scale, Eduard’s Nieuport Ni-17 finished in Polish post-war markings (unfortunately, accidentally destroyed some time ago).


In spite of a large box and a plenty of parts, the build is quite straightforward, quick and easy.  Only the sponsons require more attention, as the fit is vague and they just seem to be too small compared to the opening in the tank’s sides. A small amount of liquid filler did the job, however.

And the tracks… ejector pins, flash… By the way, the instruction says 90 tracks for each link – 89 look better, with just a little sag, as one can see at the photos.


Going to paint it in an early “Solomon’s camouflage”, as she looked like during 1916 Somme battle.
“The effect was a kind of rather jolly landscape in green against a pink sunset sky.”. Well, will see, stay tuned 🙂

Best regards

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