The Veterans Day: 1/35th scale Mk. I Male WWI Heavy Battle Tank

Hi, All

Honoring Veterans on their Day, have just managed to get the job done last evening. So, here it is.

Takom’s Mark I makes a good impression right from the first look, basically, it does not require any additions to build into a good replica. However, I was tempted by two changes: the guns and machine guns barrels from Aber and the protecting cover against grenades, which I built from the scratch.

The driver’s superstructure oob is too narrow and there are resin substitutes available, but I left it as it was.
The painting was done with AmmoMig acrylic paints, weathering – various oils and pigments and other specifics, which were at hand.

She represents a vehicle from the Battle of Somme in September 1916. The so-called Solomon camouflage quickly turned out to be ineffective, unnecessarily too colorful. I hope that I managed to capture its appearance.

And here it is:

Hope you like it, stay tuned 🙂

Best regards

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