In the gallery: Morane Saulnier MS 406 C.1 | AZmodel 1:48

Hi All,

This time Morane Saulnier, from AZ Model.
The machine No.654 (L-683) “E” DIAP Lion-Bron, spring 1940. She was flown by the Polish pilots, ppor. Wacław Król, ppor. Stanisław Chałupa, and sierż. Leopold Flanek.
They managed to get to France after the fall of Poland in September 1939, willing to continue the fight against the Germans.

Poland bought some Moranes in 1939 but none of them arrived on time. However, many Polish pilots had a chance to fly them in France in late 1939 until June 1940, and to shoot down more than 50 German planes during the short French campaign.


Quite a nice model from AZModels, despite it is a short-run kit, the build went nice and easy. Added the pilot in the cockpit, seat belts from Eduard and machine guns from Aber.
The decals came from Techmod, very very nice.

Painted with Hataka’s lacquers (Orange Series) and acrylic paints (Red Series). For the weathering, I used the Tamiya’s “make-up” set.
Hope you like it 🙂


Best regards

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