In the workshop: Supermarine Attacker FB.2 | Trumpeter 1:48 – part three

Hi, All

Last few weeks have brought some progress with the jet-Spitfire.

The Attacker received some paint, as well as the decals, which turned out to be a nightmare as regards to their application.

Any attempts to correct their placement right after their application are almost impossible. The film the decals are printed on is so thin and delicate, that moving anything ruins the look of the decal, which can be seen under the left wing and the stabilizer.

Did by best, including huge amounts of set and sol but must say that it is a defeat.

On the other hand, after the decals have dried, there’s almost no silvering, especially these large serials under the wing look like they were sprayed.

Next thing will be a protective coat of glossy clear varnish and will add some weathering.


Hope you like it, despite the decal issues.

Best regards and stay tuned

4 thoughts on “In the workshop: Supermarine Attacker FB.2 | Trumpeter 1:48 – part three

    1. Microscale Set & Sol did their job, indeed. But the decals on the tail and under the left wing have rolled-up and now are a bit deformed. Will have to live with it. As I’m also building the Trumpy’s Spiteful, soon to be published at my blog, hope that the lesson is learned and I can avoid such unpleasant situations – maybe by spraying the decals with a mist of clear varnish before application.
      Thanks for comment :), best regards, Hubert

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  1. Looks good to me, man!

    I find it odd how many newer decals are such a pain to use. RS’ can be difficult, and even Revell Germany decals have their issues, usually that they’re too thick! I do find that laying the decal onto a ‘puddle’ of water with a tiny bit of Future in it helps quite a bit. Future also softens most decals, at least a little bit, and it wrinkles most of them less than Micro Set/Sol.

    Regardless of your tribulations, this looks great, and all your kits are excellent! You can be proud of your good work!

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  2. Have been using a Polish floor polish brand Sidolux (very similar to Future/Pledge) for years, but some time ago they’ve changed something and it doesn’t work that well anymore, so I switched to the Gunze’s clear cotes and decal solutions, mainly Microscale or Gunze’s, instead.

    The only downside is that my models don’t smell so nice anymore :D.

    But the idea to soak the decal in a water&floor polish mixture is surely worth trying, so far have been adding a drop of dish-washing liquid.

    Thanks for comment, best regards


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