In the workshop: Gee Bee R1 | Williams Bros. 1:32

Hi All

The next victim will be the Gee Bee R1 from Williams Bros. An oldie, but definitely worth attention and effort.

Have bought this kit recently and somehow could not resist to start it – despite there are so many other attractive objects in my stash.

OK, so what is inside? One clear sprue and two gray sprues of plastic, with flash, misalignments and other issues – but on the other hand, including pretty detailed cockpit frame and accurate outlines of the airframe.

Only two things absolutely cry for replacement: the engine, which is maybe nice for 70’s standards, but not nice enough to be in front of this kit and will be replaced by Vector’s state of art resin, as in the R1 the engine is visible really well, but most of all – the canopy, which is thick and foggy, to say the least. Will try to scratch-built this part, using 1:33th scale paper model by Modelik as a reference.

And some interior details will be added, hope something will be visible through the opened access hatch and canopy.


Hope it will be a good start for a collection of the golden age racers in 1:32nd scale, my small tribute to all those brave people that have built and flown them.

Stay tuned, best regards

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