In the workshop: Supermarine Attacker FB.2 | Trumpeter 1:48 – part two

Hi, All

Attacker quickly takes its ugly shapes.

To get more fine and smooth joints I ended with filling and sanding the top and the bottom of the fuselage… Initially I was hoping, that the fit is perfect OOB, but either it is me, either it is Trumpy’s fault, I couldn’t make it fit perfectly.

Of course, some more filler and sanding is yet necessary, especially in the intakes area, as well as polishing the surface and re-scribing the lost panel lines. Going to add some and some rivets too.

Next thing is the big belly fuel tank – was it indeed installed? Haven’t found any photos of the actual aircraft depicted in the box (#810), but for example #812 caught here in flight didn’t carry one….


Stay tuned, it’s going pretty fast 🙂

Best regards

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