In the workshop: Supermarine Attacker FB.2 | Trumpeter 1:48 – part one

Hi All,

Decided to start another project (hopefully a quick build), something a little bit different, than usual – a jet airplane.

These early jets have always fascinated me: sometimes with strange shapes, strange technical solutions, many dead ends in the aviation technique development.

One of such planes is Supermarine Attacker. Who would say that it’s a cousin of a Spitfire? It’s so ugly, even from the perspective of my positive attitude to bizarre projects. But indeed, the Attacker shared its wings’ construction with Spiteful/Seafang family, which was a development of the famous Spitfire.

Trumpeter’s kit, released in 2012, reboxed in 2014 (which is a subject of this story), quite simple, with low count of parts, fairly good fit – but not very good from the point of view of detailing, even though there’s a small etched fret in the box, with aerials and seat-belts.

That’s why I’m using the resin wheel bays from Aires. Tried to fit in the Pavla’s resin Martin Baker Mk.2 ejector seat, but it was much too tall – and finally decided to use it somewhere else…

For now, wheel wells resin inserts have been installed (yes, they required some trimming and sanding, but nothing unexpected), the fuselage is closed, the wings are glued together, the dashboard made using the decal OOB (not very happy with it, but there was no replacement available), so it’s going pretty fast.

Stay tuned, best regards



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