In the workshop: Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien | ST 28 Hasegawa 1:32 Part 6 – lights

Moving forward, have installed the position lights (these will be painted with Vallejo clear paints), the reflector housing (fit is absolutely perfect, no glue required), corrected the weathering on the tail, the upper surfaces of ailerons and horizontal tail have been painted with well diluted IJA Green – it’s a remnant of the original camouflage of this machine.

The next thing is a Venturi tube. Almost all photographs and drawings of the real aircraft show, that housing of the Venturi tube was removed (however there’s at least one photo showing the tube in its entirety), and what we see is a device that was actually hidden in the tube.
I decided to reflect this detail (a cable from the fuselage to the device and from device to fuselage). This will be installed instead of a tube, which was a standard in 244. Sentai – not as a device to measure speed, but probably a part of an experimental gun sight installation.
The tube from the box – for comparison…
… and the real device:
Stay tuned, best regards

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