In the workshop: Arsenal VG.36 C1 | Azur 1:48 – Part 5: painting

Hi All,

With the inlet of air to the oil cooler installed, I started painting. First went Light Blue from Tamiya, thinned with Mr. Hobby Leveling Thinner – this combination works perfectly.

This will be varied with lighter shades.


Now will have to prepare masks for the camo, which is quite complex…


Best regards

2 thoughts on “In the workshop: Arsenal VG.36 C1 | Azur 1:48 – Part 5: painting

  1. by the look of ref shot you can go about literally ripping off masking tape by hand to the desired irregular edges effect, tho the demarcations are still feathered – color me confused 😀
    awaiting the paintjob with great interest now!

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    1. Thanks, Murad. My idea is to print this photo in a desired size, for the other side an upper sides of wings and stabilizers going to use the instructions. These prints will be cut into pieces and attached to the model with Blue Tac in an appropriate sequence. This will assure the authentic pattern of camo, and very slightly soft edges of the colors.
      The colors will be usual tricolor French camo. As per instructions.
      Hope it will work.

      Best regards

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