In the workshop: Arsenal VG.36 C1 | Azur 1:48 – Part 6: camo painting

Hi All,

Basic paint-job is done. I think, the idea worked well, of course – some corrections will be necessary and I’m going to add some life to that camo with slightly lighter and darker shades of the basic colours, but overall that’s what I was hoping to see.

First colour masked:

And the camo after I removed the masks:

Paints used were from Tamiya range, with respect to choice of colours I followed Tamiya’s instructions for painting D.520. Photos taken at night, don’t show the exact shades.

That’s how the colours look like in the daylight:


Hope you like it. Stay tuned 🙂

Best regards

2 thoughts on “In the workshop: Arsenal VG.36 C1 | Azur 1:48 – Part 6: camo painting

    1. Thanks, Murad.
      Yep, she’s a beauty indeed, however I’m not absolutely happy with the colours – will have to work on it and slightly change the shades – gray is too dark and should be more blueish, brown should be deeper and green is slightly too light. These pics do not show the exact shades, in reality it looks much better, but still some changes must be applied. Maybe will have to take a trip to the Air and Space Museum in Cracow – we have here one Caudron CR-714 preserved in its 1940 camouflage.
      Best regards, Hubert.


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