T-26 Model 1933, Leningrad Front 1942 |Zvezda 1:35

Hi All,

T-26 took an active and significant part in the fighting on the Leningrad Front, especially in 1941 and 1942 . For example, 86th Independent Tank Battalion was equipped with a T-26, supported Soviet infantry attacks from Kolpino in the direction of Krasny Bor and Tosno between 20 and 26 December 1941. One of the action using the T-26 has been fairly well documented and used for propaganda purposes: during the constant attacks and counterattacks Lieutenant Yakovlev and his T-26 destroyed, among other things, three antitank guns, four  machine guns, three mortars and ammunition depot in Krasny Bor, killing about 200 German soldiers. Armor of Yakovlev’s T-26  was hit at this time by 9 shells, but none of those hits has excluded the vehicle from the fight (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_hi … f_the_T-26).

The model more or less presents the tank during these fights, in the winter of 1942 somewhere on the Leningrad Front.
Although this is the 1933 model, it managed to survive the first few months of fighting, although the tanks of the series these days were already badly worn. Partially welded hull suggests that it may be a vehicle manufactured in 1935.


Nevskaya Dubrovka, Leningrad Front 1942

This photo become loose inspiration for my model.

The model was built using the Eduard’s photoetched set dedicated for Mirage Hobby’s model – not all of the parts were suitable for use in this model, the main parts used were the air outlet from the engine compartment, fenders fixing, a shovel and a saw box on the fender, as well as the muffler fixing.

This is my first ever winter camouflage. The techniques used here were:

– Modulation using a set from Vallejo for World War II Soviet vehicles
– Vallejo Chipping Medium
– White from Vallejo and Washable White by MIG upholstery – and dark grey Vallejo painted with a stiff brush and a sponge.
– Tamiya’s weathering sticks: Mud and Light Earth
–  MIG’s green filter
– Dark green wash from MIG, dark brown wash from AK, black Panel Liner from Tamiya, Track Wash from AK, AK pigments: smoke, burnt umber, European dust.
– Dry brushing with light cream oil paint and metallic for the tracks
– Mud from MIG (MIG Mud effect) mixed with various pigments

The effect is quite messy, but I hope that to some extent this corresponds to the “canons of aesthetics” of the Red Army from the period.

Hope you like it.

Stay tuned, best

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