I-16 Type 24 | Eduard 1:48

Hi All,

The subject of this gallery is I-16 Type 24 in 1:48 scale built out of the box from Eduard’s Weekend Edition set.
Few words need to be written about the camouflage. It is basically out of the box, but in a contrary to popular belief, it does not depict a Safonov’s plane.
In fact, Safonov had taken few propaganda photos sitting in or standing in front of this machine, but in fact it was used by RKKA ace, Kovalenko. A series of pictures made on July 6, 1941 show the airplane clean and neat, probably the grass was also painted. On the left side of the plane was the inscription “За Сталина!” and on the right “За Коммунизм.” It is not known why Eduard threw “Death to Fascism” on the starboard … The inscriptions were probably yellow, only the exclamation was white.


Source: http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/i16/i16painting/I16painting.htm

The Safonov’s plane had different inscriptions: “Смерть фашизму!” and “За ВКП (б)” – But that’s a story for another, more serious project. However, for our photo session Mr. Safonov himself sat down behind the wheel (please note, that this is my first ever made action figure).

Hope you like it.
Stay tuned, best

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