T-26 Model 1933 | 1:35 Zvezda

Hi All,

Meanwhile, I have started the next project – another little tank, seems to be my favorite size: T-26 Model 1933. An old kit from Zvezda, updated few years ago with new molded tracks instead of awful rubber made ones.

As usual, when one meets the green polystyrene inside  the Zvezda’s box, should expect that it is brittle, that it will take at least a week to get the Tamiya’s Extra Thin dry (that’s why it has taken me a month to get it up to this stage), that substantial amounts of filler will be required to fill the gaps and pin holes, and on the top of that all, that the decals are useless. Apart from this all, this is a nice kit.

And of course, there’s a new HB’s T-26, but I bought the Zvezda’s one 3 years ago – so lets give it a chance.

Some parts from Eduard’s photo etched set designed for Mirage Hobby’s T-26 have been used. Now it is primed with Gunze’s Surfacer 1200 and waiting for the paints.

Going to try to make this one, with use of the Vallejo Chipping Medium.


Nevskaya Dubrovka, Leningrad Front 1942 (http://www.armchairg…-26/T-26cyl.htm)

Decided to use a modulation set from Vallejo – so far so good, however these paints are still difficult to me, as they tend to dry fast and clog the airbrush when working using a low pressure, even thou I diluted them quite well.

And the base coat painted: Russian Green. The next will be Camouflage Black Green for the shadows.

Now with Camouflage Black Green in the recessed areas and a bit lighter Russian Green for highlights:

Tools painted, dark green and dark yellow acrylic filters applied:

More or less like vehicle’s users I painted the model with white paint – using a “wide brush”.
It looks … well, quite messy – but the fun is still ahead.
I am curious what will come out. This is the first winter camo I ever did. Will let it dry well and the next step will be chipping.

T-26 Model 1933 Leningrad Front, 1942 | Zvezda 1:35

Further work consisted mainly of scraping the white paint (it seems, I should have done it right away, while the paint was still fresh – because scraping went rather hard, lesson learned).
Then I made some random patches using a sponge and the Russian Green and some more scratches with a sponge again (and a fine brush) using my own mix of very dark brown. Mainly it was all around the hatches and edges. All acrylics. That’s not finished yet, of course.

And now, with some oil filters from MIG, washes from MIG and AK, chassis primed using mud & light earth sticks from Tamiya. Now it is time for the real mud (going to use wet mud effect from MiG and some pigments from AK)

T-26 Model 1933 Zvezda 1:35
T-26 Model 1933 Zvezda 1:35
T-26 Model 1933 Zvezda 1:35
T-26 Model 1933 Zvezda 1:35
T-26 Model 1933 Zvezda 1:35
T-26 Model 1933 Zvezda 1:35

Hope you like it. Stay tuned,

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