N.A. P-51 D Mustang, 1:48 Tamiya, pt. 6

Hi All,

During the weekend my Mustang received the decals.

I have to admit that the Print Scale decals passed the exam almost perfectly, responded very well for the Model Master’s decal set and sol solution (recommended, works very well). Well enough that I decided not to deal with Montex masks, will be useful elsewhere. It would be perfectly without “almost”, would they give more time to move on the surface – one really have to hurry.

I have had some serious doubts with regard to the positioning of the checkerboard under the exhaust stacks  – compared to the photos, and even the drawings in the decal sheet instruction, it is not OK – but it looks good enough in my opinion, so I left it as it is. By the way, one have to pay attention that the lower part of the checkerboard doesn’t fit the curvature of the Mustang’s nose, but ultimately with the use of fluids everything worked out quite well.

Stay tuned, best

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