Reggiane Re. 2005 | 1:48 Sword

Hi All,

I love the Italian food, opera, cars, motorcycles, I love Italy itself, and of course, I love those formidable and unique Reggiane fighters.

With Re.2002 built some time ago, a brand new Re.2000 from Special Hobby that has just arrived, there is another Italian in the collection, Re.2005 from Sword. Re.2005 from Special Hobby waits its turn as well.

Re.2005 from Sword? I can recommend the model to every fan of Italian aviation. Nicely detailed (e.g. resin exhausts make a great impression), but without a deterrent exaggeration, fit is OK, and despite the fact that some details are vague (the barrel outlets in the top engine cover are probably the worst), I rate the model as a strong 4 on the  five-point scale.

I did not add much from myself, some tube in the cockpit, barrels made of brass tubes, antenna installation (Uschi line 0.02 mm, insulators from a cosmetic stick). The entire airframe was riveted on the basis of a template from the available plans.

Painted with MRP and Lifecolor paints. Washes from MW, pigments from AK.

Hope you like it, best regards


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