Under construction: Lockheed L-14H2 Super Electra | MPM 1:72

This is a build I’ve started some time ago, one of my modeler’s dreams that comes true in a now uncommon scale in my workshop: 1:72.

This is mainly becouse the subject is hardly available in a larger scale, and if it is, the price is just unacceptable. At least four hundred zlotys (with the delivery) on Ebay for a twenty-year-old Classic Airframes kit is far too much. However, I came across an offer for almost one thousand zlotys. Wow.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I’m going to build the ex LOT Polish Airlines SP-BPM in a camouflage she was wearing during the Battle of France in Spring 1940.

Source: https://forum.odkrywca.pl/imageresize.php?plik=picsforum26/kgrhqnhjdkendgl8wbpkmrrup60_12.jpg&x=800

There are also three photos of her right wing. It was all that remained after she was (probably) damaged by the flak near Paris in June 1940 and force landed at Le Bourget, where she was finally destroyed by fire.

Source: https://aviation-ancienne.forumactif.com/t8013-bimoteurs-lockheed-dans-l-a-a-en-1940

The kit at the bench is the Hudson boxed by MPM / Italeri / Revell / Who else? A short run, first time issued in 2006, not a state of art when compared to the current short run standards. It was when I was returning to the hobby, so can hardly tell how it compares with the then standards.

Test – fitting the parts of the fuselage and tail promised a lot of excitement during building this model. Poor fit, geometry not existing.

Decided to improve the interior a bit. CMK resin and scratch-built details inside. The doors needed reshaping, so decided to cut them out.

Italeri’s Tante Ju was persuaded to give the passenger chairs, seat belts came from Eduard’s DC-3 set.

The wings, engines and undercarriage.

Now I was able to bring it all together.

The model was then primed with the One Shot Primer Black. Next the paints: Hataka or Lifecolor?

Lifecolor. The landing gear was painted silver, the anti icing installations – the tire color.

Masking tape removed, next were the decals (Techmod):

Some weathering, chipping…

The first attempt with the doors failed, so gave myself the second chance. Nevertheless she’s almost ready!

The story behind the the plane will be told in the gallery soon (I hope), with the finished model shown, so stay tuned!


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