In the workshop: Kawasaki Ki-100-I Koh Type 5 Fighter | Hasegawa 1:48 Part 4 – finishing

Hi All,

Haven’t published anything lately – well, Christmas, New Year – this should have been a peaceful time, but this time it wasn’t. Many has happened in my professional and family life, leaving not much time for modelling and photography. But, that’s the way things go sometimes, now at last it is much easier, so I’m able to catch-up with my projects and blog.

That doesn’t mean however, that nothing has progressed since my last entry, it is not that case. For example, I managed to spend some time with my fourth and last Hien in a series of ki-61/100 projects of 2016 (for some time, that new Tamiya’s Hien looks just gorgeous).

Some paint-job with a brush and different greens, some pigments, oil stains etc. have been applied, giving the model a quite weathered and worn look – hope that it is close to that, what’s visible on a single available photo of the actual aircraft.

Bottom still needs some attention, will try to apply more weathering with airbrush and pigments.

Seems anyway that it is pretty close to the finish. Hope you like it 🙂
Stay tuned, best regards


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