Arsenal VG.36 C1 | Azur 1:48

Hi All,

Today I’d like to present the next finished model: Arsenal VG.36 C1 from Azur,  1:48th scale.

VG-36 was derived from VG-33 as next generation of promising line of fighters. Prototype of VG-36 had a new wider faired radiator bath with improved aerodynamics and a longer canopy, providing better view for the pilot. The main improvement however was a more powerful engine, Hispano-Suiza 12Y-51.

These changes resulted in much better performance, absolutely comparable to all best fighter planes of that era.

VG-36 was produced in only one prototype, which was unarmed.


During the German offensive it was moved to Société des Avions René Couzinet in Levallois-Perret (it was planned to produce this type of aircraft in that factory), where it was destroyed.

General characteristics:


  • Maiden Flight: 14.05.1940
  • Empty Weight: 2 010 kg (4 431 lb)
  • Take-off Weight: 2 900 kg (6 393 lb)
  • Wingspan: 10,8 m    (35ft 5,19in)
  • Length: 8,64 m (28ft 4,16in)
  • Height: 3,3 m (10ft 9,91in)
  • Wing Area: 14,00 m2 (150,69 sq ft)
  • Wing Loading: 207,143 kg/m2 (42.43 lb/sq ft)
  • Type of Engine: Hispano-Suiza 12Y-51 twelve-cylinder supercharged liquid-cooled Vee engine rated at 735 kW (986 hp) for take-off and maximum power output 808 kW (1 085 hp)
  • Propeller: driving a three-blade constant-speed propeller
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 400 l (88 UK gallons)
  • Maximum Speed: 590 km/h v 7 000 m (366,6 mph in 22 966 ft)
  • Cruise Speed: 524 km/h v 3 800 m (325,6 mph in 12 467 ft)
  • Climb Rate: 14,4 m/s (2 834.6 ft/min)
  • Service Ceiling: 11 000 m (36 089 ft)
  • Range: 1 100 km (683.5 mi)
  • Armament: One fixed forward-firing 20 mm (0.79 inch) HS-404 cannon mounted in the axis of the propeller 60 rounds and four fixed forward-firing 7,5 mm (0.295 inch) MAC M-34-39 machine-guns mounted in the wings, 500 rpg [sole prototype example unarmed].

Painted with Hataka and Lifecolor paints, weathering made with AK Interactive and Mig’s washes and pigments.

Hope you like it.

Best regards

2 thoughts on “Arsenal VG.36 C1 | Azur 1:48

  1. Ended up a lovely build Hubert, i believe both the subject and the paintwork will make this a very unique one in the display cabinet, kudos!


    1. Many thanks, Murad :). She’s really pretty and unique (as a subject, of course, not necessirly my job), so I have just ordered another one… VG-33 this time. Best, Hubert


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