In the workshop: Sd. Kfz 161 PzKpfW IV Ausf. D | Tamiya 1:35 – Part 2

Hi All

The old Pz. IV d has not been forgotten. Just moving forward a little bit slowly, not that fast as with my Japanese projects (have got one more on the run, will be ready to be disclosed soon I hope).

I have put the Friulmodel tracks and drive wheels on and made the decision with regard to the markings – going to make this one:


So, some adjustments will be necessary. Some things to be cut off, some things to add (jerry cans, ammo box).

The assmbled tracks:

PzKpfwIVD - 1

And the kit:


Well, I’m quite happy with the tracks. Much better than those rubber tracks from the box, which are too wide (40 cm, instead of correct 36 cm) and with solid horns, which are appropriate for the later versions of the Pz. IV. However, the price of the tracks is around three times bigger than the kit’s… Anyway, if anything goes wrong, I can use them elsewhere.

Stay tuned, best regards


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