In the workshop: Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien | ST 28 Hasegawa 1:32 Part 3

Hi All,

Keep on moving forward:

– glued in the fuselage armament (Master)
– glued in the guns’ cover, this will still need some attention,
– added tubing of fuel installation in the cockpit,
– the canopy was masked inside,
– added pylons for the tanks under the wings. Here some attention is needed – I think they should be glued in before gluing halves of the wings – there is a need to push them into the slots, but the wing is flexible subjected to a pressure and becomes slightly concave in this area. Therefore I had to cut off most of the fixing elements.
Fit of the radiator and its housing to the fuselage is weak, resulting in an over 1 mm gap between these elements. One should therefore slightly file off the rear of the radiator, but for best results, it is necessary to clamp the parts to be glued together. For this purpose, I have “invented” this system:

Sprayed the markings red (Gunze) and IJA Yellow. Then the masks went on (Montex, Tamiya, 3M). The Japanese Swallow now showing her beautyfull lines 🙂 – isn’t she pretty?

Stay tuned, best



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