In the workshop: 40/43 M ‘Zrinyi’ II 105 mm | Bronco 1:35 Part 2

Hi All,

So we have some progress with the Zrinyi Assault Gun.

There are still some etched bits to be glued, and various other trinkets, but it’s almost finished. Next will be the interior painting and gluing the hull together. Probably I’ll put the firewall and some belongings of the vehicle’s interior (seats, boxes, ammunition…) – would be good, because through the open hatches one will see emptiness, excluding the driver’s seat and the gun. Unfortunately, there’s almost no available drawings or photographs showing the interior of Zrinyi / Turan. I’ll probably follow the LT vz. 35, as an inspiration.

And I came to the idea, that a good company of something quickly built would be interesting: so, we have Hobby Boss’s Toldi I tank, made in three days, including the tracks (more than 120 individual links each, that had to be cut off from the sprue…).

Poor photos this time, made with a camera in my SG Note 4.

Both are really beautiful machines, I think.

Hope you like it. Stay tuned

Best regards

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