In the workshop: 40/43 M ‘Zrinyi’ II 105 mm | Bronco 1:35

Hi All,

Another project started recently: Bronco’s 40/43 M ‘Zrinyi’ II 105 mm.

What a wonderful kit! Excellent detail and fit (so far, I haven’t encountered any of the fit issues described by some other modelers), and it is a really unique subject, not often seen in the Net – on top  of that, a really good looking beast.


For me the only problem is a huge number of tiny parts that really have tendency to be devoured by the carpet monster…

Most of the parts movable in the original are movable in the kit too: mechanism for raising and lowering the barrel of a howitzer, suspension (except for the tracks, these just have to be glued together)… really nice.

And now to the photos:

  1. The howitzer:

  2. The vehicle:

Hope you like it. Stay tuned
Best, Hubert

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