Bf-109 G-6 R-6 W.Nr. 140 066 | Eduard 1:48 ProfiPACK

Hi All,

Managed to finish this one yesterday, a project started in July 2015 – and my first completion in 2016. The purpose was to produce something similar to Bf-109 G-6 R-6 W.Nr. 140 066, the airplane operated by Oblt. Alfred Grislawski, 1 / JGr.50, from Wiesbaden-Erbenheim airbase, in September 1943.

Well-known and well-liked;) scale model from Eduard – the largest and the highest Bf-109 in 1:48 scale.
I must admit, however, that as a model (not as a copy of the actual aircraft), the product is very nice and almost trouble-free.

Some amendments and corrections have been applied:
– Flettner flaps,
– Chassis protruded slightly forward and out to the sides (relied here on the plans of the Kagero monograph)
– Hull machine guns replaced with the ones from Aber.
– Exhausts – Eduard’s resins.

Painted with Vallejo paints RLM 74/75/76 (colors considered by Vallejo as equivalent to RLM paints in my opinion raise some doubt).
Hope you like it.

Stay tuned, best

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