Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha | Tamiya 1:35

The model is old (literally, molds not much younger than me) but good Tamiya, assembling this simple set is a real pleasure. Sentimental journey – one of the first models after returning to the hobby was the early version of Type 97.

I added the Eureka XXL barrel and towing cable, the Vision Models tracks(it was a struggle and it shows). For the camo, I used a set of “authentic” Gunze C colors, AK acrylic for the tracks. Weathering with different oils, acrylics, pigments, whatever I had at hand. It didn’t work out perfectly, but the model goes to the shelf.

The Americans captured a similar vehicle wreck in July 1944 in Saipan.
Hope you like it 🙂

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