Ford Model T 1917 Ambulance | ICM 1:35

When the United States joined the First World War, the Ford Motor Company began (together with the US Surgeon General office and drivers who served on the fronts in France) to design an ambulance based on the mass-produced Model T in 1909, a vehicle adapted to conditions of the battlefield.
For this purpose, the Ford T was perfect: the car was based on a simple flexible frame, to which the front and rear axle and engine were mounted, the construction allowed for almost any bodywork.

Ford built 5745 ambulances for allied forces during the war and another 107 for the Red Cross.

The model presented by me presents a vehicle used by the Service de Santé des Armées, whose brave medics, paramedics and nurses fought their own battle for the lives of soldiers on the Western Front of the Great War.

The model is made from the ICM set, straight from the box. During the construction, I did not encounter any problems, the fit is excellent, the level of detail – quite decent. Of course, I did not avoid a few mishaps (windows at the back, headlights – well, could have done it better).

Gunze H paints, the wash, and weathering have been done with various AK Interactive products.

Hope you like it!

Stay tuned, Hubert


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