In the workshop: Supermarine Attacker FB.2 | Trumpeter 1:48 – part four, almost there, and the Spiteful!

Hi All,

Haven’t posted a lot lately, as usual – too much work, not enough time for hobby and posting.

However, that doesn’t mean that nothing is actually happening. At last, had some time to instal the Attacker’s undercarriage.

The fit of main gear legs to the undercarriage bay resin part was just perfect, as well as the resin rods and doors. Only the rear undercarriage leg from Aires didn’t work – was way too small, so decided to use the Trumpeter’s one. The fit was very good.


And… here you have the Attacker’s older brother: Spiteful. Also a Trumpeter’s kit, quite basic and simple, but I think they will look good together.

Used some Ammo MIG’s acrylics here.


Hope you like it 🙂


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