In the workshop: Ki-43-II Hayabusa | Hasegawa 1:32, part 1

Hi, All

This kit was moved to the waiting room in September last year. Well… it took some time to begin – just some other “side” projects have taken most of my attention during past few weeks and months… hope you understand and forgive me ;)

Few photos of what’s in the box and some aftermarket bits I’m going to use here:

Oldie, but still goldie, as you can see.

As usually, I started with the cockpit – these few pieces from the old Eduard’s photo etched set are a nice addition.

Decided not to use the photo etched pilot’s seat, OOB with some enhancements will work well enough for me. Much more attention will be given to the airframe. The kit has ver fine raised panel lines and rivets, which is not absolutely wrong and gives a chance to recreate overlapping panels.

Here you can see my efforts on a test-bed, Reggiane Re-2002 Ariete, Italeri’s 1:48th scale kit:


That’s how it looks like now, sprayed with Tamiya’s aotake and some highlights added. Going to apply some washes and pastels – and will be able to close the fuselage.


Some more work in the cockpit still to be done, but I think it is going to be acceptable, taking into account that not much of it will be visible after the fuselage is closed.

Stay tuned, best regards



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