In the workshop: 40/43 M ‘Zrinyi’ II 105 mm | Bronco 1:35 Part 3

Hi All

Finally I was able to get back to the Zrinyi.
Having ordered a monograph about this assault gun I was hoping to get some data with regard to the interior of the vehicle. The book reached me few days ago… and what a sad surprise – only one photo…


Source: Zrinyi II Assault Howitzer (Armour of the Royal Hungarian Army), ISBN 9786158007238

Guessing the colours I came to the conclusion, that the howitzer and driver’s seat were painted creamy white, like german AFVs, but the rest of the interior seems to be darker, maybe camouflage green.

The next thing is that there’s no clue as for the interior’s arrangement. So, there’s a room for my own invention. Ammo boxes, floor and ammunition for Hummel will be used here. And some resin seats for Italeri’s Quad Gun Tractor. Little of that will be visible through the open hatches, so these should do.

That’s how it looks partially assembled and arranged. Hope you like it.

Best regards

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