In the workshop: Arsenal VG.36 C1 | Azur 1:48

Hi All,

To get some “rest” from all the Hiens I made and I’m currently building (there are two more to be honest, Ki-100 from Hasegawa and Ki-61-II Kai from RS Models, both in 1:48th scale) I decided to start something a bit different and more challenging: Azur’s VG.36.

The kit entered  the production in 2000, was refreshed in 2010 – and that’s the boxing I have. Typical standard for this period and the brand: a bit “soapy” injection molded parts, much nicer resin, vacuum formed canopy.

I’m going to model this aircraft:


Wooden wonder – did not get a chance in its time, but I will try to give it another one.

The first serious challenge is the main landing gear bay. Resin castings have the drawback that they are much shallower (2-3 mm) than their corresponding recess in the hull. Certainly it could not look like that.

Therefore I sanded off the ceilings of the wells, glued in new ones made of plastic sheet, over sized and corresponding to the shape of the recesses in the hull. In these niches I cut the slots, in which I slipped the new ceilings and – voila:

As you can see, the lower halves of the wings were attached to the fuselage at this stage. When it cured well, I attached also the upper halves  – this required some persuasion :). Some corrections were necessary to get the correct angle.


Then I glued and painted the interior. Not much will be seen in the finished model.

Then I was able to close the fuselage.

Filling, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding … fortunately still fairly nice weather, so all that sanding can be done outside the house – this model “produces” tons of dust.

Hope to be able to post some update soon, so stay tuned 🙂


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