In the workshop: Kawasaki Ki-61-I Tei Hien | Hasegawa 1:48 Part 4

Hi All

And the decals are on. For the first time I used te homemade decals (Techmod Clear Decal + color laser printer).

1. To make black markings: code letters, numbers, etc. combination of clear Techmod decals and laser printer works perfectly. Just choose the desired font and voila – we have what we want.
2. For the markings in brighter colors such as red Hinomarus, especially in combination with yellow – it is a rather poor solution. Color from underneath shows. Probably one would have to spray a base color under the decals, but then what would be the reason to use decals, it is better to spray the markings using masks.

That’s how it looks like now, I think it is acceptable, however far from perfect.

Stay tuned, best

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