In the workshop: PZL. 43 | Mirage Hobby 1:48

The PZL.43 was a Polish light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft designed in the mid-1930s by PZL (Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze) in Warsaw. It was an export development of the PZL.23 Karaś, with extended and widened fuselage and much better engine. Its main user was the Bulgarian Airforce who called it the Chaika (Чайка, gull).

However, a single PZL.43 was used in the defense of Poland in September 1939 and I’m going to depict this very plane.

5645PZL 43 WISOKA1

You can find its history and description here: PZL.43, Wikipedia.

It’s been under construction for some time – that’s how it looks like now:

Hope you like it, stay tuned
Best, Hubert

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