BT-7 Light tank, model 1935 | Zvezda 1:35

Hi All,

I’d like to present the BT-7, model 1935, the Battle of Moscow, 1st Guards Tank Brigade (according to manufacturer).

What can I say about the model? Well: terrible fit, material hard to process, hopeless decals, tracks difficult to assemble – what more could one want?
The machine, however, in its own way interesting and different, in its concept delightfully absurd (even assuming that it was made by the peace-loving Soviet people on the basis of imperialist design and with German motorways in mind, but it would have to get there somehow through the Polish, then rather muddy roads) – and these are the key features for me when choosing a next project.

Green (Tamiya) is slightly brighter and greener than it appears. Lightened with oils from Abtailung range.
Pigments AK, Tamiya Weathering Sticks, oil wash from MIG. Tamiya Flat Varnish Clear from the rattle can.

Because it is definitely not one of my best models, the gallery is very short – frankly I’ve had enough of it, but I did not want to give up the project to which I have came back after few years and once again put it in my cabinet of shame (I have one in a garage).
Instead, BT will park somewhere in the back of the cabinet, to be replaced in the future by its younger brother from Tamiya.

Stay tuned, best

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