M3A1 Stuart RKKA 1942 | Academy 1:35

Hi All,

Today I’d like to show you a M3A1 Stuart tank.
The vehicle from the period of fights in Stalingrad Front, late summer 1942, assigned to the 241st Tank Brigade, operating as a part of 24th Army RKKA.

Photo of the vehicle (unfortunately, I came across the photo after finishing the model – as you can see not everything that Academy has proposed is matching the actual vehicle):

M3A1 Suworow_03

Made straight out of the box, very pleasant and quite well-fitting model, with the full interior of the fighting compartment and a basket in a turret.
On the downside I would point rubber tracks and poor decals, requiring a really special treatment.

Dirt and shading made with MIG and AK Interactive washes,  Tamiya crayons – Mud & Sand.

Best, stay tuned


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