N.A. P-51 D Mustang, 1:48 Tamiya, pt. 1

Here we go with the next project, N.A. 51 D Mustang from Tamiya. The kit will receive additionally the complete cockpit and wheel bay from Aires, Quickboost exhausts, M2 guns from Master and decals from Print Scale 48-039 (don’t know yet which one of the planes covered).

After few hours I managed to replace the detail in the cockpit, which was easy and fit the wheel well, which was a nightmare, with all the necessary surgery, thinning, swearing, thinning, swearing… But I’m sure it was well worth the effort. Did you know, that probably most, if not all, of the 1:48 Mustang kits have the wheel well completely wrong. Just find any photo and compare, the back wall of the well is positioned in reality much deeper than Tamiya proposed.

Stay tuned.

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